Lansdowne offers a relationship-based approach to construction. It is our goal to nurture and maintain our client and contractor relationships in order to provide enduring quality and dependable project success.


Our principals each have 30+ years of industry experience representing over $2 billion worth of commercial construction experience. From pre-construction services through overseeing the final punchlist, our team has the expertise, experience, and technical proficiency to execute the most demanding projects. Our ability to anticipate opportunities and constraints is based on a thoughtful and flexible approach to every project situation.


Lansdowne is intent on building a reputation for quality and timely construction with a highly competitive pricing philosophy. Our strategy of maintaining low overhead costs and using advanced technology, gives us a unique position to be extremely competitive in the marketplace.


Lansdowne Construction will efficiently and effectively manage your project, from the simplest aspect to the most complex. Our collaborative construction approach results in lasting relationships that ensure project success in the present and in the future.


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