Lansdowne Construction LLC is a Chantilly, VA based general contractor intent on building a reputation for quality and timely construction with a highly competitive pricing philosophy.


Our proactive style ensures that projects, no matter the size or complexity, progress quickly and smoothly from start to finish.


Our three principals are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business and are committed to making every project a success.

  • Ralph Dietze

    Ralph Dietze is CEO of Lansdowne Construction.  Mr. Dietze oversees all operations of the firm, emphasizing the development and maintenance of client relations, increasing market share and visibility, developing the firm’s brand in the real estate community while monitoring fiscal responsibility, corporate achievement and client satisfaction.   Dietze was former President and CEO of the Dietze Construction Group.  He guided Dietze Construction from its beginning in 1993 to a high of $200,000,000 in gross annual revenues, until it was sold to a national general contractor in 2010.  Mr. Dietze brings over 30 years of experience and leadership to Lansdowne Construction.  He is a graduate of East Carolina University.

  • Jim Dougherty

    Jim Dougherty is Senior Executive Vice President of Operations at Lansdowne Construction. Mr. Dougherty manages and oversees all Lansdowne Construction projects.  From direct supervision of all project personnel, through the final closeout and evaluation of each project, he draws on his 30+ years of construction management experience.  Mr. Dougherty was recently Vice President of Commercial Construction at Suffolk Construction.  He was formerly Senior Vice President at Dietze Construction where he directed all base building construction for the firm.  He holds a BS in Building Construction from Virginia Tech.

  • Bob Wooddell

    Bob Wooddell serves as Senior Executive Vice President of Estimating at Lansdowne Construction.  He oversees estimating, preconstruction services, and subcontractor relations and selection.  His department is dedicated to a timely, accurate and proficient estimating platform.  Mr. Wooddell was recently Senior Vice President of the E Construction.  He formerly served as Senior Vice President at Dietze Construction.  He brings a dedicated subcontractor base to Lansdowne Construction that he has cultivated over his 30+ years in construction estimating.   He is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

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